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For Executives

Many of our clients are officers, shareholders or partners of large corporations, closely-held businesses and professional practices.  For most, their corporate stock or partnership interest represents their largest financial asset.  And yet, unless it is a heavily traded public company, there is no liquid market for this asset.

Depending on the type of firm, we seek to help you answer three critical questions:

  1. How can I attract and retain a capable, productive workforce?
  2. How can I selectively reward key executives and secure my own personal financial objectives through company-sponsored, tax advantaged programs?
  3. What steps can I take now to create a market for my business interest and assure the continuation or orderly transfer of it in the event of the loss of an owner or key executive due to retirement, prolonged disability, or death?

If you're looking to:

  • Guarantee the value of your business as an income source for you and those who depend on you
  • Transfer your interest to the next generation while minimizing transfer costs
  • Use your business to create tax-favored retirement income
  • Find creative ways to leave a legacy for children who are not involved in the business
  • Create "substitute equity" for key non-shareholder executives
  • Find ways to improve quality or reduce the cost of employee benefits

A consultation with one of our advanced business planning specialists may help. Contact us today.