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Executive Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

How do your benefits compare?

Today, the most sought-after clinical and health care management professionals are looking for benefits that go above and beyond the standard packages most employers have traditionally offered. Traditional solutions that worked in the past often don't meet the needs of the new age of healthcare. New benefit designs need to respond to the changing workforce, which is more highly compensated, more mobile, more dynamic and increasingly paid based on performance and productivity linked compensation. Offering these benefits can go a long way towards positioning your organization as the employer of choice and fostering loyalty among the employees who are critical to its success.

How We're Different

Bob Ehinger has extensive health care practice expertise, and a long history in the financial services industry as an associate of Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC, one of the largest and most advanced insurance and investment firms serving thousands of clients in the tri-state area. He is skilled in coordinating personalized financial strategies with any of your current advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers and other financial advisors to provide comprehensive coverage for their clients' entire financial lives. Bob is also able to offer financial protection products to address a need of which you might not be aware. For example, most existing programs in the healthcare industry don't protect incentive and performance based  compensation, leaving physicians and hospital executives at the risk of significant financial loss in the event that they are sick or hurt and unable to work. Most group long-term disability insurance contracts replace less than half an employee's income due to benefit limitations and their programs help close that gap.

Robert F. Ehinger, Jr. CLU, ChFC 

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